The College Recruiting process for athletes and families is overwhelming, and there are so many missed opportunities because athletes don’t get the right information at the right time. The A3 Recruiting Academy helps athletes navigate the college recruiting process and follow a step by step program that provides more opportunities to achieve their dreams in college athletics and beyond.

Our Recruiting Academy Offers


A small cohort of student-athletes ensures you get the individual attention you need where our coaching team can focus on your goals. Student-athletes get to develop with and be challenged by peers with similar goals in a positive setting that boosts their confidence and skills.


We’ve got a team of experts with more than 70 years of experience in the College Recruiting process, including academic experts, performance experts, mindset and behavioral experts, branding and marketing experts, NCAA experts, and more.


Student-Athletes must do the steps of the College Recruiting process themselves rather than parents doing it for them, but they need the accountability and guidance to stick with it. Our coaches are on your team to help you stay accountable and work the process, whether through outreach to college coaches, homework and exam prep, or staying consistent with the habits of elite athletes.


The higher level you go in competition, the less your physical skills matter. We help athletes develop a competitive growth mindset and be well-prepared for the road ahead. The Recruiting Academy also helps student-athletes develop critical skills like time management, organization, and communication skills.

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