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Strength & Performance
A3’s strength and performance sessions provide the fundamentals necessary to develop the highest level of athleticism, with strength training using traditional weights and body weight, plyometrics, multi-joint compound movements, and conditioning to make athletes who are stronger, faster, more agile, and injury-resistant. Performance coaches guide athletes through each workout in a small group format. Every 8 weeks, athletes are re-tested in various performance metrics.
Speed & Power
A3’s speed and power sessions provide a complete program for athletes to enhance their speed, agility, explosiveness, quickness, reaction time, and strength. Drills enhance all aspects of speed, including multidirectional movement, acceleration, max speed, force absorption, and more. Speed specialists coach these small group sessions. Every 8 weeks, athletes are re-tested in various speed metrics.
High Performance
High Performance sessions are available for athletes who qualify. These programs are customized, sport-specific, and provide even more individualized coaching in a semi-private small group format. High level athletes reap the benefits of faster results in these customized sessions, and also benefit from training and competing with other high level athletes working toward the same goals. Ongoing metrics are used to track their progress.

A3’s Rookie program combines all facets of athleticism to help young athletes learn how to move well and develop speed, agility, strength, explosiveness, visual acuity, and become more injury-resistant. Two levels of this program provide developmentally appropriate training for ages 6 to 8 and 8 to 11. Young athletes will enjoy fun competition with A3 teammates, high quality and positive coaching, and the confidence that comes from training like an athlete.

A3 Away
A3 provides at-home or away programming for athletes and adults alike with our custom mobile platform. Choose the sports performance strength program for athletes or the HIIT program to take anyone from average to athlete.
Not a competitive athlete, but just training for the sport of life? You still deserve the best training just like the pros get! Adults of all ages train with us at A3 and love our challenging workouts. Join any of the small group Strength & Performance training sessions and see what functional fitness can do for your body. If you can’t make it on site, we also have custom home programs. See Online Training to learn more.



We provide results through Small Group Training, Personal Training, High-Performance Groups, virtual programs, and hybrid options individually designed to meet your athletic goals. Learn more by clicking the button below.