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A3’s Strength and Power program helps athletes gain strength without sacrificing speed. Our unique program includes weightlifting, plyometrics, and compound movements so that athletes develop explosive power and become more injury-resistant. Athletes are coached in small groups through each 60-minute session.


A3’s Speed and Agility sessions provide a complete program for athletes to enhance their speed, agility, explosiveness, quickness, reaction time, and change of direction. Speed specialists coach these 60-minute small group sessions.


High Performance sessions provide personal training in a small group of competitive athletes for performance and/or sport-specific skills. Get faster results in these customized sessions, and benefit from competing with other high level athletes working toward the same goals.


A3’s Youth Athlete program builds better athletes with a strong foundation from the start, helping youth develop coordination, strength, speed, and athleticism. The Rookie level focuses on building the house and making sure kids still have fun with games and competition so they develop a love of training. The Prep level prepares athletes for the future of what their sport demands. Prep level athletes learn the fundamentals of weightlifting and begin to enhance their speed, agility, and power. Both programs develop unstoppable confidence.


Our Personal Training programs provide a completely individualized path for athletes’ and clients’ goals with the fastest results. Whether it’s sport-specific skill training, post-physical therapy rehabilitation to make a comeback from injury, or personal training with an expert coach to fit your busy life, our team of professional coaches and trainers have decades of experience and are focused on your results.


Adults are welcome in all of our small group coaching programs, but our early morning and evening sessions are the most popular. We provide strength training and functional fitness to improve your fitness levels, your longevity, and the way you feel in your body. You may not have a multi-million dollar contract like a Pro athlete, but you deserve to train like one with the best coaching and training plan for you.


The A3 Fitness Studio is a semi-private studio upstairs at A3 where we offer small group coaching sessions for our unique Variable Resistance Training (VRT) Program and Barre Fitness. Both programs provide low-impact full-body workouts with big results for long lean muscles, improved endurance, more flexibility, and reduced stress and inflammation.


Our Nutrition Coaching program offers expert coaching, accountability, and a program that gets sustainable results for your busy life. There’s more to nutrition than counting calories or macros; our program delivers coaching based in behavior change, daily habits, mindset, and what will work for life. We also help athletes (and whole families) understand how to fuel up for athletic performance and recovery, what supplements you do or don’t need, how to gain muscle mass the right way, and more.


We have coaching solutions for nearly all sports to help develop your technical skills and maximize your potential. Our professional coaches will develop a plan to ensure you reach your goals, from sport-specific lessons to a comprehensive program for both skill and performance. Popular programs include our Track & Field program, Baseball lessons in our tunnel, and Soccer skill development.

Sessions Schedule

Our Athletes See Incredible Results

day 1

The win of training like a Pro and clarity to reach your goals.

week 1

Improved energy and motivation. You understand the value of a pro performance coach.

month 1

Changes in muscle mass and strength, faster reaction time, and better mechanics.

month 3

Stronger, faster, more explosive, and you recover quicker. Better confidence and athletic IQ.

month 6

Family, teammates, and coaches see the transformation in your game and your presence.

1 year

Transformed into a complete athlete, outperforming your competition in every way.


We provide the best coaching for athletes through small group and personal training sessions designed to meet your athletic goals. Let us help you figure out what program will get you where you want to be.

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An individual Game Plan session with a Pro Coach will help you figure out what you need to reach your goals and your next level of performance.

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An individual Game Plan session with a Pro Coach will help you figure out what you need to reach your goals and your next level of performance.