In our podcast, A3 The Academy, our panel of pro athletes and A3ers – with a combined 50+ years of experience competing as professional athletes – share their insights in order to help you on your journey!

A3’s The Academy Podcast provides education, life skills, and mentorship to young athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. Pro Athletes, Pro Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Educators join owner/host Ryan Beckwith for unscripted conversations about our experiences in order to give you true insight into personal triumph, success, failure, and how to balance YOUR journey.

Be a Good Learner: Student-Athlete Edition

There’s a reason you are called a student-athlete. You have to do well in the classroom to not only maintain eligibility, but also to demonstrate to prospective college coaches that you can be responsible both on and off the field. Being a student and being

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Mindset, Relaxation, & the Will to Succeed

Get your head in the game! Are you prepared to handle the mental game and stay relaxed under pressure? Tune into this two-part episode where our panel of pros discuss the importance of mindset in sports. Check out both episodes here!

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