The Financials of Recruiting, Scholarships, and Pro Contracts: A Conversation for Student-Athletes

Let’s talk money! More importantly, make sure you understand the entire financial picture at each stage of the next level in athletics, from recruiting to scholarship offers to professional sports contracts. On this episode, our panel of pro athletes and A3’s Ryan Beckwith talk about the money, the choices, and the best questions to ask.

Learn about…

  • College Scholarships for Athletes – Are your books covered?  What if you get hurt?  Is going out of state worth the financial strain?
  • College Recruitment & Choosing the Right School – $2,000/month to share a bathroom with 4 guys, or $400 a month for a house?!  How do you pick the right program and how money matters in deciding where to play.
  • Professional Sports Contracts – The Pros discuss pro contracts and why saving that new bonus is so important!

Check out the full episode here!

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